New Orleans
Neighborhood Portraits

Cut Off, West Bank

"..." (from The New Orleans Data Center)

The old Rosenwald School, now decommissioned and owned by a church.

The current school, Algiers Technology Academy

Outside the Second Baptist Church of Cut Off, founded in 1868

Inside the Second Baptist Church of Cut Off, founded in 1868

The old church bell

Benn's Grocery has been locally owned for generations

The Lower Algiers Senior Center

In front of the house he grew up in. He lives in another neighborhood now.


The Second Nazarine Baptist Church, founded in 1883

The neighborhood cemetery

He says the secret to a long, happy marriage is that he always gets the last word.
Well, two words: "Yes dear."

Mr. Lee, age 95, served in the Navy in World War II

Mr. Lee retired as a carpenter and brick layer, and built many of the houses in Cut Off

With his grandson, an LSU student

Three generations

A carpenter's hands

Clarence "Frogman" Henry strikes a classic pose.
Mr. Henry had national hits in the 1950s and 60s,
and opened for the Beatles on their first American tour.

With his great granddaughter

In front of the Frogman's house, in a nearby Westbank neighborhood


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