Rick Weil
Sociology Deptartment, LSU

Hobbies - Music & Art


Slide Guitar

"Shake Your Hips"

... playing slide guitar & singing Slim Harpo's "Shake Your Hips" in 2004 in Baton Rouge (Slim's home town). Slide work is pretty percussive on this one. Maybe some time I'll make one with some lighter slide work that carries the melody. This is in the Weekend Warriors program put on by the local music store. You go to an organizing meeting, form into a band, rehearse for 8 weeks, and then play at a local club. We turned down all the agents offering us record contracts ... and it was lots of fun!




...playing harp & singing Charlie Musselwhite's "Pistol in your Face."
Not a happy theme, but a great beat...



...playing harp on Little Walter's "Juke" in 2004 in Baton Rouge. Walter said this was just his opening number when he'd start a set, & it was always different. Said he got his ideas on this from the big bands of the 40s. I think it's interesting to listen to it as a big band piece rather than a Chicago blues. A challenge to take on the most important harp recording in the Chicago canon. Happy I didn't totally embarrass myself...


Animations and Art

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